Seema Nanda

Sector 31, Noida

Our area in NOIDA was known for its terrible quality of water. I couldn’t even wash my hair with this water, it was so bad. But ever since I installed the DeltaPure Water Conditioner, our water lathers well and it feels so good to wash my hair, that I do it almost every day

Mohit Sachdev

Sainik Farms, Delhi

Our geysers and coolers had turned into a mess with all the scaling from the hard water. We had tried everything but nothing worked for long. But then, we heard of DeltaPure and decided to try it. It has been over a year now, and there is not a trace of scaling on the geysers or coolers. We are sooo happy!

Neeraj Singhal

Greater NOIDA

DeltaPure has come like a second lease of life to our equipment. Every few years, we had to change our geysers and shower heads due to the scale deposits. But not anymore. Not just that, we are also delighted with it low maintenance.

Himani Kaur

Greater NOIDA

Our water is bad. Really really bad. The motor of our cooler has to be changed every season. And we need to change our geysers every 2 years. But ever since we have installed DeltaPure Water Conditioner, there is absolutely no scaling. And I think they should last at least 10 years now.


our vision

To be a globally admired group for providing safe & purified water, waste water to the people through innovative technologies and an approach of empathy

Profile Snapshot

  • Incorporated in 1997
  • Pioneer of Reverse Osmosis Technology based water vending machines in India
  • The largest base of rental of water and waste water treatment equipment
  • A team of 106 professionals
  • 2 manufacturing facilities in New Delhi and Pune
  • 17 Service centres covering over 70 cities